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Love in the Last Days of Mankind
In the final days of the White Race,
I was allowed to glimpse Love's last
attempt to keep the remainder of our
People from utterly vanishing from the
face of the Earth.
Love had made a promise to the 
Holy Ones to care for Humanity,
and to nurture and wean the babes
among us.
We were an unruly lot, and had no
concern for what would become 
Love's most intense effort:
to keep us from becoming extinct.
Yonder in the distance, the wise
among us kept to themselves,
and wanted no part of everybody's
foolishness that would prove to be
the Black Death of us all.
In the days of the insidious malice,
interest in things pure and noble
began to wane, and holy and
sacrosanct ideals were cast aside
to be replaced by evil and corrupt
Love was appalled by the chaos
which was forming out of the malice
and ruthlessness that Mankind 
had allowed to flourish without 
restraint, and made life less
tolerable for the majority of 
White humanity.
In the days that ensued, less
emphasis was made on love, 
and more contempt was placed
on loving ways that helped maintain
peace and harmony among the 
White Race.
When Love saw this, She cried 
tears of yonder and far-away, 
and lashed out against the
doers of mayhem and tyranny.
Many of Love's children were 
in the peril of their lives, and 
worst of all, Love's children 
were beginning to lose their 
faith in all that Love represented.
Being a kind and benevolent 
Mother, Love began to gather
Her children into Her fold, and
prepare them for the dark days 
In Her moment of despair, Love
vowed to keep Her children from
perishing, and to preserve them
in a great and mighty vortex
which would protect them from
all danger and harm.
We are Love's children, and 
our vortex is our race, the 
White Race,
which is in danger of becoming
an endangered species if we
do not take care to look after 
ourselves, and our interests.
Let us be true, and we will 
always survive as a race,
and as a People.
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