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A Lovely Beatitude of Beauty and Grace
You hear of Love in the moonlight,
but who has ever heard of Love
in all of its joyous splendor?
I have made a most wonderful and amazing
discovery in this cycle of my life concerning
the meaning of the creature that is called Love.
When I was a young boy,
and naive in the ways of the World,
many leanings toward Love were made,
but I always crashed against the walls
of Despair and Sorrow,
and was left with bruises and a sadness
that clung to me like a sticky moisture
that one encounters in the tropical jungles.
My belief was that true Love was a fairy tale
that catered to the whims of the love-lorn,
and that it had no place in my life.
Many years went by, and Love continued to elude me.
When it came to pass that I was 
not going to be a joyous and happy person,
I decided to spend the rest of my days in solitude,
depending on dreams to give me 
some solace in my state of despair and misery,
in order to make it thru the night.  
For a long time, 
this was my state of being.
I had forgotten about the ways of the World
and its ever-conflicting nonsense,
and it was becoming as if I were 
the only one in the World who had lost
all sense of Time and Space.
When all had seemed lost,
Love had arrived to save me
from falling into the Abyss
of doom and hopelessness.
I became a newly-reborn man again,
and Life had new meaning for me.
Someday, I will look back
on all of this and wonder how I 
am a man who traversed the road
of Perdition and lived to tell the tale
that I am relating now.
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