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A Love in the Eyes of God
When I wandered over Creation
looking for my lost Beloved, You
came into my life, looking for the
same thing, not caring whether
many have also searched for the 
same thing.
In our time of sadness, we have 
drunk from the oasis of bitterness,
and become as those intoxicated
with the poison injected by the fangs
of a deadly viper, in the night of
Love's demise.
When we became as babes 
longing for milk from a mother's
breast, then were we loved by the 
Holy Ones from high up above.
In the light of our Almighty,
we have been fortunate to see
the road which has no beginning
and no end, and which is 
available to only a chosen few.
Very many have been looking
for this lost highway, but only we
are fortunate enough to venture
onto this most elusive of paths
which has only been strode on
by very few people.
In the dawn of my awakening, 
we have been to the furthest
reaches of Eternity, and tasted
of the Joys of Paradise, 
resplendent with the opulence
and purity that only one can
see with eyes of alabaster and
turquoise, glimmering like 
bright stars in the night sky,
providing hope and inspiration
for the lonely.
Water and air are our only
companions on this journey
to the center of our heart's most 
secret desire, and we are not
going to become lost in the 
desolation that separates us
from God's All-Embracing Love
that is a gift from Him to us.
Young and old alike will be
paying homage to God
in the Time of our wanderings,
and only the Holy Ones 
will be abiding in their reverance
to the Almighty as we go along
on our way to yonder and beyond.
When we reach our fabled 
destination, then will we truly
understand the reason for 
our humble undertaking.
Laughing and crying for Joy
at the same time, You and I
will be most priviledged to
love and honor that which 
we hold to be most precious:
a glimpse of Infinity 
over the maw of 
the great Abyss.
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