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A Tribute to the Golden Dawn
Greetings my Greek brothers and sisters.
My name is Vasili Bakagias, and I hail to
you from America.
You are the last hope that Greece has.
Long ago, I became aware of the impending 
doom that has befallen Greece, and I did
what I could to raise the awareness of
Greek people around the world.
But a lot of Greek people were as automatons
and did not pay heed to the ill winds that
were blowing over Greece, spreading a decay 
that would seep into the Greek Race Soul
and slowly eat away at it like a cancer that
withers a living body, reducing it to skin and
bones, leaving naught else but a miserable 
existence that begs release from life that is
like a prison to a condemned person.
We are in the cycle of Time that is called
the Kali Yuga, the dreaded age of death,
and we have to be ever-vigilant in our 
struggle against the forces of Chaos and Anarchy.
Here in Greece, love of the Traditional ways
has become all but lost amidst the idiocy
and stupidity that has killed the Greek Spirit,
and has left nothing but an empty corpse
that passes for a living body.
The political parties are mockeries of the
old parties that had substance and meaning 
behind their particular ideas, ideas which 
gave the Greek People hope and a vision
for their future.
Nowadays, love of false ideals and 
rotting foundations are all that the
Greek People have in their daily lives.
Many have come to the realization
that a crossroads has been reached,
but as to where to go once the crossroads 
are entered in is a question that has no
answer, but only more questions that pose
a problem for the Greek man and woman.
Yonder in the distance, a storm is brewing.
That storm is the Golden Dawn.
Lo and behold!
When the storm is at the crossroads,
it knows where it will be going.
The Golden Dawn is a pure and terrifying
force of nature, and it is going to make 
such an impact that all will stand up 
and take notice, for such is the legacy
of a great party that has sown the seeds
of its own destiny, and from those seeds
mighty trees will grow and tower over the
land of Greece once more, and bring 
stability and order to an unbelieving and
hope-deprived people that were robbed
of their love and God-given rights to be
Greek in their own land.
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