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A Bridge that Connects Greece and Ukraine
In the last days of the Kali Yuga,
the death age, 
look and behold!
Three groups are converging which
will determine the fate of
Greece and Ukraine.
It is my priviledge and honor 
to bridge the gap which separates
these two great countries from
each other, and to introduce the 
leaders of these groups to 
each other.
When I was staying in Ukraine,
I was introduced to the 
Ukrainian Traditionalist Club,
a group which has made efforts
to preserve the culture and dignity
of holy Ukraine, and to protect
and cherish that most precious 
of Ukraine's treasures, 
its people.
In a short period of time,
I had the priviledge of meeting
members of the Svoboda Party,
a party which has Ukraine's best 
interests in mind.
In that brief amount of time 
that I stayed in Ukraine,
I established permanent relations
with the Ukrainian patriots who
are loyal to Ukraine to no 
small degree, and who would
willingly give up their lives
for their beloved country.
When I returned to Greece,
I had heard of the Golden Dawn,
but was not able to establish
connections with this most 
patriotic of Greece's political
Fortunately, I had a friend who
attends the Golden Dawn meetings
from time to time, and he
introduced me to the leaders
and members of the group.
I was pleasantly surprised to find
a common similiarity between
the Golden Dawn and the Svoboda Party,
with elements of the 
Ukrainian Traditionalist Club
Many believe that these three groups
are lone wolves who are out to 
cause mayhem and destruction,
but nothing could be further from the 
These groups are dedicated to
preserving what is left of each
country's dignity, and to establish
a long and permanent bastion
of defense to protect and support
the already-crumbling foundations
of each country.
It is my priviledge and honor
to introduce these three 
glorious groups to each other,
and it is my fondest wish that
all three will have lasting relations
with each other.
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