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Olena Semenyaka: A Champion of the Ukrainian Cause
In the mists of Time,
a woman was born who had the honor and dignity
that was reserved for kings and queens.
Her name is Olena, 
and she is a priestess of the Primordial Tradition.
Olena has become an icon among us individuals
who are part and parcel of the Traditionalist Movement.
She is involved in preserving the heritage of Ukraine,
and to keep the mongrel hordes out of the holy land
that is Ukraine.
In the age of the Kali Yuga,
Olena has a great responsibility 
to be always vigilant in order to guard 
the Kiev Pass that connects Ukraine
with the rest of the World.
Many have passed thru the gate,
but only a few have proven worthy
to remain within Ukraine.
Young and old Ukrainians are now taking heed
of the darkness that has pervaded
the holy land of Ukraine.
Another lord of the land of the dead 
is going to arise to make himself
ruler of all Slavs,
but Olena is going to be at the forefront of the battle
and preserve the purity and essence
of the Ukrainian People.
In this death age,
Olena is a champion and redeemer
of the people of Ukraine,
and her star shines brightly
in the Heavens above,
and the Hells below.
Olena is a warrior and a philosopher,
and her inspiration will be a mighty flame
that will guide all of us who are worthy
to the Field of Glory 
and to heights undreamed of.
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