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A God Shall Arise in Ukraine Again
Lo and behold!
I saw a Vision of a god beneath the land of Ukraine,
slumbering in deathless sleep,
and dreaming of a time when lords and ladies
of the ancient land of the Hyperboreans
ruled in royal splendor,
and kingly men kept watch over the land
and protected the populace from the
dangers and terrors of the outer lands beyond.
In those times,
the people were pure and golden of heart,
and death was another form of joy,
being but another exit into a blessed place.
After many centuries,
the descendants of the Hyperboreans
migrated to unknown regions of the Earth,
and spread their knowledge and wisdom
to the distant peoples that populated
the outer fringes of the Earth that once was.
In His dream that to us mortals
seems to span aeons,
and to the god was a mere few seconds,
unearthly music was heard,
music that only the ears of gods
can hear, inspiring the Immortals
to slumber on in Their hallowed rest,
and to beckon Them on in Their cosmic quest
to chart the vast regions of the Universe,
which is but a mere jumble of dirt and rocks
to the gods,
and to Them no more than another
obstacle on Their way to supreme enlightenment.
Kindergarten is a kind word
to describe what the gods think
of the world of today.
In the shadow of the Kali Yuga,
mass man and mass woman
are hindrances to the faithful few
who are not priveleged to watch with growing repulsion
the squirming and writhing
of the locusts that have taken the form
of a deformed and demented humanity
that now occupy the sacred realms
that were once trodden by the holy Elite
that held sacred rites on once-holy ground
that the gods held in high esteem,
only to spit upon it in these
accursed and forsaken times,
the dreaded Age of Death.
In the still sacred lands that are hidden
from the eyes and ears of the profane,
I was priveleged to bear witness
to the stirrings of the hidden god
that sleeps under the land of the Ukrainians,
and to hear his mumblings,
which was as an earthquake
to the common man and woman
who felt the result of the god's stirrings in His sleep.
In the days that are to come,
His stirrings will become more pronounced,
and terrible visions will afflict the people
of the Slavic lands,
dreams that will indicate to the Slavic People
that they are in the midst
of the Kali Yuga,
and that there is no respite
for the unclean and the faithless,
who have turned their backs and their faces
to the ways and kind of life
that have formed the core
of the Race-Soul
that has been shaken to its foundations
by the negligence of the people
who were once its keepers and worshippers,
and who now blaspheme and mock
the very reason that gave it birth and purpose.
In the very end,
the Hidden God will shake off
the dirt and the rocks
that have covered Him like a blanket
all these many centuries,
and will rise once again
to stride upon the Earth
in all of His radiant and divine splendor,
and is going to be a guiding light
for the already blessed children
of the land of Ukraine,
and will be their savior and redeemer
in order to guide them out of their
drugged stupor that was injected
into them by the minions of the Adversary,
whose name I am forbidden to mention,
for fear of becoming accursed
by the Lords of Order and Chaos.
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