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A Dedication to Andriy
A Lord of the Land of Ukraine

Hear my tale of a king that strode 
upon the land of Ukraine 
at the time of the Age of Death.
His name has been relegated to fable,
but among his followers,
he was known as Andriy.
Being a chronicleer of ancient tales,
it has come down to me that Andriy
was a great and bold king,
and had the greatest of respect
for the land he governed.
His subjects loved him very much,
and he was beloved thruout the land.
In the Dark Times,
he rallied his subjects 
and prepared them for the 
final stand against an enemy
who had no mercy whatsoever,
and did not distinguish between friend or foe.
In these times of darkness,
Andriy was a source of light 
for his faithful followers,
and they were willing to follow him
into the Abyss, if need be.
Battle upon battle did Andriy fight,
and he proved victorious in each and every combat.
His people were as demons possessed,
fighting in the style of the ancient peoples of Ukraine,
not giving heed to pain or anguish.
But the beguilement of the Adversary had been a weapon 
which was to be a source of consternation
to Andriy and his people.
In the eve of battle,
lies were shot into the Keep where the king's people
were kept for safety.
These lies were to be the downfall of the Human Race,
and the Adversary knew that this was a potent weapon indeed.
But Andriy had certain access to rare and forbidden books
that contained secrets of hallowed antiquity,
and were useful in subjugating the forces of the Adversary.
With the help of a certain Baron,
Andriy attained the upper hand,
and had succeeded in routing the enemy,
but not without a cost of many of his subjects' lives.
He mourned the loss of his subjects' lives,
but applauded their heroism and bravery.
In the passage of Time,
few now remember those dark and terrible days,
but for those faithful to the memory of Andriy,
the memory of that great and terrifying time will live on forever 
in the hearts and minds of true people everywhere
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