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A Dedication to Olena
Beside an Ancient World made of Iron

In the Keep of Time,

where ancient and forgotten mysteries lie,
I met a most exquisite woman,
who may have been a daughter of the kings and queens of old.
She is a woman of dignity and power,
and in her presence,
the weak and the downcast tremble in fear and in awe.
Her countenance is like unto the Lords of Heaven 
who make the human race bow down in humble obeisance,
and worship Them in nameless rites that are more ancient 
than man's earliest beginnings.
She inspires mankind to ever ascend the heights of a misbegotten world,
and to shake off the dross of a profane and callous society
that has no regard for mankind's soul.
In her wake, empires have fallen and kept
the mass of humanity from blotting out the Sun,
allowing only the Elite to stride upon the holy Earth in regal splendor.
Her eyes have the fires of Hell shining in them,
and no man can stand to look into her gaze for long,
lest he become as ashes in a cold fireplace.
Her heart has been girded for war,
and she will not suffer fools and prisoners gladly.
Just as fire purifies the unclean material of a corrupted Earth,
so does Olena cleanse the minds of a misinformed humanity.
She is a queen of the most inaccessible places of the Earth, 
for no one is worthy enough to reside in her palace of purity and strength,
and only the most priveledged of mortals can be allowed a glimpse of her secret domain.
For it is written in hushed whispers 
thruout the land that Olena is the beginning
of a race of women 
that will be the redeemers and conquerors of the land
of the Keepers of the most secret and holy mysteries 
that have existed since before even the thought 
of Mankind took place in the Cosmos.
In the Fullness of Time,
Olena is going to be a 
great champion of the 
Lords of Order and Chaos,
and she is going to be elected in the 
Hall of Immortals,
where her visage will be cast
of iron and lordly purple,
and lesser men will cower at 
the mention of such glorious and magnificent 
reports of a lordly lady.
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