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Главная » 2015 » Серпень » 8 » Alexander Valov, Russian Volunteer of the "Azov" Regiment exposes Kremlin's Lies
Alexander Valov, Russian Volunteer of the "Azov" Regiment exposes Kremlin's Lies

""AZOV" fights for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, mostly with the so-called forces of the unrecognized PDR (People's Republic of Donetsk). In Russia, they are called "militia" (probably out of sincere conviction that the ex-miners from Buryatia, armed with the pickaxes, stole hundreds of army combat vehicles and now professionally use them); here they are called the separatists, terrorists.

I consider them the neo-Bolsheviks and the ideological enemies of any nation-state - both Ukrainian and Russian.

Recently in Shirokino was deployed the regular army of the Russian Federation, and I drew this conclusion not from the media. This is the hybrid war, not the classic. Although for the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation the methods are old - it's enough to remember Transnistria or Ossetia. 


I've been fighting not against the Russians. These, albeit biologically Russian (although the Buryats there also count) people betrayed their ancestors, and attacked the fraternal people weakened by the revolutionary events.

Terrorists have no nationality, and this example is perfectly visible here. The nation consists not only of its living representatives, it also includes the ancestors who were before and the descendants that will appear in the future.

If people want to drink vodka and puke on a bench - a nationalist should not pander to them, because it offends the memory of our ancestors and will hardly help the future generations.

I want to restore the honor of the Russian people. There are many ways to accomplish it. Even those which no one follows. The scope of work is huge and it should go beyond the current agenda. Politicians will come to agreement among themselves, and then we'll have to handle all the shit that was poured on each other by the peoples on our own.

There are two ways available for Russians: either to re-create their Russian nation state, which they lost almost a century ago, or dissolve in the anti-national regimes of the USSR, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Russian Federation, for which are important only money and power. I walk the first path, and befuddled now people someday will certainly understand me.

I fight as before - for the better future of my children and children of the likes of me. It has long been understood that if I just get used to all baseness that happens in the former Russia, the descendants will have the full right to spit on my grave. I was and still remain a Russian nationalist.


By the way, in the "Azov" regiment serve approximately one hundred Russian citizens. There are also many immigrants from the Murmansk region on the side of Ukraine who took up arms, almost from all cities. A few people just want to disclose it publicly, for the times are quite dangerous now.

Ukraine considers itself a Slavic country, Ukrainians consider themselves descendants of Rus people, and the Kievan Rus is an example of the ideal state for them. Such is the opinion of the majority. That is, now the Russian Federation is at war with the Kievan Rus, no matter how much the bandits would like to see here the mythical Nazis, followers of Bandera and bullfinch eaters [because their colouring presumably resembles the Russian flag, which is another example of the Kremlin's propaganda].

In Russia, the long-time emphasis of propaganda was the alleged ban on the Russian language [in Ukraine]. It is also complete nonsense - recently we held a solidarity rally with the political prisoners in Russia.

We held it in Russian language with the amplifiers. The rally was held under the white-blue-red flag, and its slogan was as follows: "Exchange captive separatists for Russian nationalists." This is an excellent illustration of how the media of the Russian Federation spits in the faces of its citizens.

Moreover, Kiev is a city that is almost entirely Russian-speaking, the "Azov" regiment - too. The majority of "poor downtrodden by the junta residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions" are not for Putin, but for Ukraine, and a great number of them on the front lines fight against the terrorists.
Approximately one-third of them fights in the ranks of the "Azov" regiment.


[The peace between Ukraine and Russia] is possible, but on condition of creating true Russia in the territory of the former Russia. Then the friendly relations will surely renew. Then the war will be over and the creative principles of our peoples will start building their own homes.

In Putin's Russia all is done under the lash, not by the will of creativity. There was creative Pavel Durov - he had to emigrate, and there are a huge number of similar examples. That is why the Russian Federation is not Russia, it produces Zhiguli instead of cars and does not give people freedom of speech and action.

Media of the Russian Federation does everything possible to expose as the initiators of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine some mythical followers of Bandera, whereas no mythical and figurative Bandera of the RF propaganda could even dream of embroiling the peoples as it has managed to do the collective Putin."

Source: http://volnodum.livejournal.com/1356529.html

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