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Главная » 2015 » Липень » 14 » Freedom to Andriy Medvedko and Denys Polishchuk!
Freedom to Andriy Medvedko and Denys Polishchuk!

On 18th of June the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced that the murder of a popular pro-Russian publicist Oles Buzyna is solved. The suspects are two Kyiv activists of a nationalistic formation "C14," active participants of Euromaidan, warriors-volunteers Andriy Medvedko (lieutenant of the "Kyiv-2" battalion) and Denys Polishchuk (platoon commander of the 54th reconnaissance battalion).

The same morning police have kidnapped these two men and brought them to the precinct, where policemen have severely beaten them trying to force them to make false confessions. Apart from that, the illegal searches were made in the apartments of the suspects and their friends. Almost all valuable things were stolen by policemen during the searches. In the evening during the trial the conditions of detention for Medvedko and Polishchuk were determined. During the trial several inaccuracies and mistakes of the law enforcement officers were found out: according to documents, the  suspects have been surveillanced since March, but Buzyna was killed on 16th of April; protocols of searches and arrests were absent; searches and arrests were made by the unauthorized people; was conducted physical pressure on the suspects; eyewitnesses were not certain in their testimonies about "murderers" and their vehicle, which means that none of them saw the real murderers. It should be noted that one of the "eyewitnesses" has become aware of the murder from Facebook page of Internal Affairs Minister A. Avakov. Summons to the police station, which were claimed to be ignored by the suspects, were not given to the suspects and were dated 2016.

The suspects announced that they stayed in the anti-terrorist operation area at the moment of murder and there was no way they could be present in Kyiv at this time. It was confirmed by their battalion mates. The main reason for the arrest was the DNA test of "murderer's" clothes, which they left on the crime scene. But the apartments of both suspects were robbed a long time ago, and these clothes could be stolen. The main evidence of the DNA test became the chewing gum of Medvedko's mother. His mother was surveillanced, and the suspects' phones were wiretapped long before the murder, which proves that the case is fabricated and the fraud of evidences. There are lots of proofs of innocence and mistakes of investigators which the judge have ignored and sentenced the suspects to two month in custody. Polishchuk was given an opportunity to get out of custody by paying the pledge of 5 million UAH.

Illegaly arrested men were supported by mass media, society, famous people and MPs. Later Ukrainian businessman Oleksiy Tamrazov payed a pledge for Polishchuk.

Prosecutors reacted on this by appealing the judge's decision. On the 2nd of July Denys was returned into the custody in spite of proofs of his innocence. The court showed its "impartiality" by not providing the suspects' lawyers with the case files, refusing to watch the video of murder taped by the surveillance camera that clearly proves that the suspects are innocent. The judge refused to listen to three eyewitnesses, who saw the real murderers and who claim that Andriy and Denys have no relation to the murder.

Such case faking is a revenge against the heroes of war for their active position and resistance against the current regime.

Investigative actions and trials against boys are fabricated, boys' rights are violated, they have no opportunity to give proofs of their innocence.
Friends and activists support the heroes of war and fight for their release.

Freedom to the Heroes of War!

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