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Главная » 2014 » Травень » 13 » Gabriele Adinolfi: Eurasia is a Utopia, the Kremlin and the White House are the Heirs of Yalta
Gabriele Adinolfi: Eurasia is a Utopia, the Kremlin and the White House are the Heirs of Yalta

Gabriele Adinolfi, one of the main ideologists of the Italian revolutionary nationalism, co-founder of the legendary "Terza Posizione" (Third Position), founder of the Center of Studies "Polaris," in recent weeks regularly comments on developments in Ukraine, specifically criticizing the dominant in Western circles narrative that in fact reduces to the story about "the neo-Soviet melting pot ruled by oligarchs who will save us from the (Ukrainian) neo-Nazis." In his opinion, the Kremlin and the White House in Ukraine "pursuing their own interests," as they did earlier at Yalta, and perform the classic "strategy of tension." It is a kind of continuation of the civil war between the Trotskyists (Soros) and neo-Stalinists (Putin). He also describes a meeting with MPs affiliated with Gazprom, who suddenly began singing well-known anti-fascist song "Bella ciao" (traditionalism par excellence).

"Moscow, the great proponent of the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund, as well as globalization of energy companies, Moscow that cooperates with NATO in "war on terrorism" is not anti-globalizational. It uses a boring anti-Semitism, which is the key to everything. On this basis, it is believed that Moscow is against predatory Zionism. Then catcall when Putin accuses Ukrainians of anti-Semitism, and ignore the fact that in the Kremlin 16 Israelites occupy strategic positions. This is anti-Semitism behind the keyboard....

Literally and etymologically Eurasia is a utopia, Europe (as a unit) is a myth. Since I do not believe in utopias, I remain in the field of Third Position."

Despite these comments, Gabriele still believes that "opennes to the East" is necessary for the revival of Europe, especially under conditions of U.S. hegemony and the Chinese giant. For this, however, is needed pride in our own history and identity, which does not recognize any concessions to the neo-Soviet historical narrative. Gabriele Adinolfi and community of  CasaPound Italia, along with Swedish nationalists, decisively took the side of Ukrainian Right Sector.

Source: http://www.nacjonalista.pl/2014/05/11/gabriele-adinolfi-eurazja-to-utopia-kreml-i-bialy-dom-to-spadkobiercy-jalty/
(Nacjonalista.pl – Dziennik Narodowo-Radykalny)

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