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Главная » 2014 » Лютий » 7 » Euromaidan and Beyond!
Euromaidan and Beyond!
The rise of the right!

Ten years back the far right experienced a lull in the mainstream media. Not anymore. In the last five years Europe has witnessed change. Sometimes movements went back and forth but Europe wide the right was always on the rise. One can't say the European right is united but two or maybe even three ideological branches are taking shape, all of which are going to make it to the European parliament next May with the latest estimates being of 100 seats.

Ukraine: From a small pro-EU protest to an awakening.

The world media is focused on Ukraine but the driving motor of Maidan was hardly mentioned in the mainstream media until very recently. Since December a newly formed 'leaderless' group of a few hundred riot hardened patriots sent a message to Central / Western European Nationalists about their intentions. The Right Sector promised to go the Evolian way: Riding the tiger! The task: to educate the public and transform the crowd from merely pro-EU, anti-establishment into a conservative revolutionary position.

The idea looked wild and almost unachievable but was it?

In the beginning of February mainstream media showed Right Sector radicals teaching new recruits how to throw Molotov cocktails and riot training using shields and tactics that had proven effective at an earlier stage in the protests.

From the past come the storms.

When the oligarchy decided new anti-protest laws had to be passed instead the usual parliamentary voting procedure the Party of Regions decided to vote by raising hands which hands were hardly counted. Yet the laws were passed anyway. The horrors of the Soviet Bolshevik regime rose again in the minds of Ukrainians. The sons and daughters of the artificial Famine victims couldn't allow this. Like the 300 Spartans those mix of a few hundred football fans, revolutionaries and nationalists charged into the riot police. The snatch team were almost snatched and the enforcement of the tyrannical anti-protest laws was stopped in its tracks.

What followed resembled an old battlefield in different ways. The catapults, slingshots and Molotov cocktails were easily read by the untrained eye. The 14/88 and the Celtic cross on a home made shield were not that obvious, neither the Flecktarn camouflage whose origins are associated with a unique brand of warriors that still hold the world record for bravery. The sons of Europa, the enormous symbolism and Evola proved to be a winning combination. A few hundred ideologically driven Right Sector activists had galvanised a sizeable crowd. Despite being deprived from the comfort of heated offices and other resources, the movement had the basic fundamentals; ideology and human resources, vision and action.

Kiev sending Shock-waves to East and West

The big headache of the mainstream politicians in Ukraine and beyond is how they can tame the radicals. The Europhiles think materialism; throwing money at the 'problem', the Right Sector think revolution and the third way; two different parallels that can never meet.

Russian media have bashed the EU and the west for their lack of condemnation of 'anti-Semitism' and 'Neo-nazisim'. Both EU and US diplomats deplored ministry occupations by Radicals.

Globalism and Eurasianism both want Ukraine and both want to neutralize the galvanized movement in a 'democratic' way but they cannot. They know the genie is out of the bottle and they can hear the patriotic boots coming. Their only comfort is that neighbouring Jobbik is not on the same ideological path of the Ukrainian right and Polish Patriots are still sceptical about Ukrainians. The lack of a pan-European ideology comforts the two sides of the same coin. The new shadows of Financial Capitalism and Bolshevik Communism comfort themselves with the lack of unity within the European Right. The age old European issue of feminine nationalism.

The Radicals Hijacked or protected the protest?

While Globalism and Eurasianism disagree on who will take the pie Eastern and Western media are claiming that the Radicals have hijacked the protests of EuroMaidan. But will the protest movement be there today if it were not for the radicals? Is it fair to say the Radicals highjacked the protests when the sheeple of students and left wing alike were bullied out of the way by the Berkut? Aren't the radicals only claiming what they have been fighting for and resisted all along?

If it were not for the radicals the protest would have long been dissolved. The left has not shown any military hardened activists far less military style divisions to protect Madain entrances and allow the people to organize and occupy the place without bothering that the police will storm the place.

The Radicals proved to be the security force of the movement. They have risked it all like no other faction. They served as an umbrella for right-wing groups.

International right-wing support

National right wing groups have mentioned Ukraine and in some cases supported the Ukrainian cause but the ideological differences within the right-wing still prevail. For any movement to prevail it either have to have financial support from local business or foreign support. The major foreign support for the Ukrainian opposition is coming from the Globalists. Such support can transform into support for the third way in Ukraine but what about the rest of Europe?

What the Ukrainian right-wing is facing is a European problem, it is also a Russian problem. Globalism and Eurasianism are not for racial and cultural identity, they are both for Geopolitics and Economy.

The unifying idea

Something that will terrify the two blocks is the unification of the right. If most European right-wing movements were behind similar Pan-European ideologies most likely there would be representatives from every European country in Euro Maidan. Although all nationalist/ patriotic movements are working for more or less the same thing; to preserve their racial and cultural identity they fall short of supporting a Pan-European ideology. Once Kai Murros said that a Nations hero is another's enemy. He was right. Europeans have to prioritize their commonalities and abandon the concept of the divisive nationalism we have today.

The reckless national borders in Europe

The most people that are willing to give it all for their race, culture and traditions are the nationalists. There are right-wing militants across the continent. Strong tightly dressed and disciplined. Their weak point is that they stand for the nation not for Europe.

But what are nations and what was before them?

Before the current artificial national borders were the regions. Regions that took hundreds if not thousands of years to form organically not artificially. The artificiality of nations is coming out in this day and age more then ever.

ETA the militant arm of the Basque region has waged a war to regain its regional autonomy and tear down the artificial Spanish/ French border.

Tyrol divided by the artificial Austrian/ Italian border. The Northern Italian regions seeking more Autonomy from the Italian State. Corsica seeking more autonomy from France to find its Italian roots. Belgium that most artificial nation joining French and Dutch regions together. And so many other border blunders that distorted the organic formation of the Regions.

Nation is Female

Petty Nationalism is rising all over Europe, the same nationalism that was used by the enemy of mankind to destroy Europe by putting brother against brother. Reducing the Europid population from 30% to 5% in the last century. There are non-confrontational national ideologies such as the one in Scotland which has also paved the way for regionalism.

The oldest and in some cases also the richest European regions are seeking secession. Catalonia, Flanders, La Padania and also Bavaria are the most Regions spreading their influence and sending their message through officials and popular movements. These Regions though geographically apart can form the strongest alliance in Europe. They can be the basis of a new European Empire free from petty issues that have also obstructed the EU from moving forward in certain non-Liberal areas.

This Empire will not be built on the artificial idea of German capitalism and French political clout. There will be no compromises, if Germanics come up with best processes that will be promoted however every Region will be free to try its systems and practices. Then the best methodologies will be promoted across the Imperium.

Empire is male

In a situation where a nation will either fall prey to Globalism or to Eurasianism nationalism is Female not just because a nation can be pitted against another nation or a neighbouring nation can become indifferent to its cousins' war but also for political movements. A political movement will not survive unless someone supplies the money. In some media rumours are spreading that the US is funding the opposition. Considering there are US based GMO's hungry for European fields funding the news is not a big surprise. If the opposition makes it with US money then they have to obey what the US says. Even if what the US says can benefit Ukraine it may not necessarily be beneficial for the rest Europe.

To compete with Globalism and Eurasianism European movements have to find common ground. So far not all Nationalist movements have supported Ukraine but if there was a pan-European ideology agreed upon by many movements things would have been different. There would be more then Nordics in Maidan. The majority of movements and nationalists are seeing a single country; a single cause. In the absence of a pan-European ideology European patriots are not answering the call in the same way they would if there was a popular one.

Imperium Europa

Imperium Europa can be a solution for the future. Although the Party of Regions is not very welcome in Ukraine Imperium Europa's Regions and Peoples is different then that of the Party of Regions in Ukraine.

Imperium Europa is for European Peoples to preserve the different and separate identities united through Europe.

There will be no meddling in Regional Social policy so long as they don't impinge on the five Imperium prerogatives which are Spirituality, Race, High Culture, High Politics and Territory.

So far other Nation based ideologies are falling short of coming up with genuine pan-European ideology that eliminates the age old weaknesses of nationalism. Nationalism comes from passion, so what if this passion will be for the Region and for Europe rather then passion for the nation alone?

Source: http://www.vivamalta.net/VMforum/index.php?topic=5502.msg190070#msg190070

Imperivm Europa http://www.imperium-europa.org/
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