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Главная » 2013 » Жовтень » 22 » Laurent James: Eurasianism and Spirituality. The End Of The Present World Conference
Laurent James: Eurasianism and Spirituality. The End Of The Present World Conference
Виступ Лорана Джеймса на тему "Євразіанізм та Духовність" в Лондоні 12 жовтня 2013 на конференції "Кінець Нинішнього Світу" (англійською мовою). Текст доповіді публікується нижче.

Від редакції Rozum.Info: в жодному разі ми не поділяємо євразійські ідеї, і не збираємось їх поширювати. Це відео та текст досить цікаві та мова йде про європейьску духовність та метафізику. Тим паче деякі люди, причетні до цього сайту зустрічались з Лораном Джеймсом та переказують, що це один з найцікавіших сучасних інтелектуалів. Сподіваємось, невдовзі він відвідає і Київ.

Eurasianism and Spirituality

Some persons affirm that Traditionalism is purely conceptual and was elaborated primarily for justifying a direct antagonism in relation to the modern world. We should clearly understand that the real situation is contrary : it is the modern world itself which was built in complete opposition with respect to the Tradition, both by nature and by fact. The emergence of this opposition was conducted following three steps: first, the condemnation of the celestial world by the negation of the concept of Eternity, the interposition of media between man and heaven aiming at darkening the light of the Light. This is the so-called Modernity. The driving force of this first step was the promotion of liberal individualism through the destruction of vertical relationships. I will develop this point later.

After the Unity (the antique world) and the Division (Modernity), came the Dissolution. This post-modern era arose in 1945 with the confusing of the horizontal relationships between individuals, managing to cancel Time itself by laying down an inflexible just-in-time basis as a unique way of behaviour, and finally, a unique way of life. Post-Modernity is the parody of Pax Profundis, it is Peace without any Justice, an era inaugurated by Israel and Hiroshima. Post-Modernity is a false release: the individual does not exist anymore, he is dissolved into the treacle of ultimate regression.

I think personally that a fourth age opened with the punishment of Fukushima, on Friday March 11th of the year 2011 at 2:46 pm. The worst toxic substance ever generated by human activity – the corium, highly corrosive and irradiative, is currently flowing down to the centre of the earth. The ground henceforth completely opened under the feet of humanity, so that humanity goes down to Hell for irreparably infecting and dirtying it, in doing so, darkening the internal terrestrial core, the Light from below, the reverse-sun of the depths. So, maybe the Post-Modern world is yet finished – it is, incidentally, surrounded by two Japanese historical parenthesis : first a Little Boy enriched with Uranium 235, and second the fusion of the nuclear reactors of Fukushima Daiichi. The two last public speeches of the Japanese Emperor were pronounced for these events, at the beginning and at the end of the Post-Modern era, which evidently denotes the deep theological understanding of history by the supreme guide of Shintô.

We should understand that man is today much more satanic than Satan himself, since he has arrived at the ultimate step of his anti-evolution; man is now infinitely divided against himself, which is strictly equivalent to not to be. Man dirties Satan.

The only issue for the Neo-platonic elite does not consist in going back to the Tradition, because it would then appear to be a kind of escape easily detectable and automatically neutralized by the occult forces of ontological dissolution.

We have to penetrate into the darkness while acting on many levels at the same time : historical, artistic (namely prophetic) and spiritual, to gather the ashes of the living fire coming from the original polar force of opposition, and direct them through the assertion of a political line based on the unquestioning doctrine of René Guénon in the context of Eurasia, deeply integrating into our living flesh the fact that Spirit is not born out of history, but history is born out of Spirit.

The Tradition is now over, finished, faded away. Today, at this period situated beyond the extreme end of Kali Yuga, since we have already entered into the era of Judgment, the most important point is to release inside us the traditional values which will allow us to dissolve in our turn, from the inside, the anti-world lead by journalism, quantitative democracy and finance.

In accordance with his nature which consists in aping God and the Holy Trinity, the Triad of Evil is divided into Lucifer (the cosmic denial of God), Satan (the earthly denial of Jesus) and Samaël (the pneumatological denial of the Spirit or of the Archangel Michael). John the Evangelist clearly designates them in his Apocalypse: Lucifer is the Dragon, "the Great Dragon which deceiveth the whole world” (XII.9), which makes war against the children of the Woman coronated with stars ; Satan is the Beast of the Sea : "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations” (XIII.7). The Beast of the Sea is the political Antichrist, the Empire of Evil, the earth denial of the Kingdom of Jesus, the Western World, imperial and nihilistic. The Beast of the Earth arises at the verse 11 of the same chapter 13: "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon”. He had two horns like a lamb, because he parodies the Christian religion, while accomplishing false miracles. He is Samaël, the anti-prophet. These three impure spirits reappear three chapters later, when the seven golden vials full of the wrath of God are poured out :

"16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”

These three frogs are clearly visible in the Card XV of the Tarot of Marseilles. The dragon, the beast and the false prophet also clearly design the social anti-Trinity which replaced and invert the role of the traditional tri-functionality : the Prophet (those who know), the Priest (those who pray) and the King (those who fight).

The Prophet aimed at revealing the Invisible for the sake of the people ; he was replaced by the Journalist, who aims at hiding the Visible for deluding the people. Nietzsche wrote : "One more century of journalism, and all the words will stink”.

The Priest was a spiritual doctor who cared for the invalid persons, he was praying to save the world ; he was replaced by the quantitative democracy, which progressively kills all the persons in good health.

The King was the strongest of the warriors; his sovereignty was replaced by the solvent substance of the bourgeois, the weakest strength of all times: money.

In all the domains, the intermediary between man and God (the metaxu, as Plato said) is replaced by the screen which hides God, and which finishes by hiding man himself. Using the pretext of destroying all intermediaries and promoting the individual freedom, the anti-civilization of the screens managed to fully isolate any human being for dissolving him.

Defeating this anti-world will only be feasible by making emerging this mystical Orient which exists inside the living hearts, an Orient which stays far beyond the North, as mentioned by Henry Corbin.

Personally, my watchwords are the following: beauty, competence, transcendence, accuracy, hierarchy, selection, work, faith, love, truth, virtue, aristocracy, fanaticism, demands, purity, discipline, absolutism, light. On the contrary, our daily life is programed by centralization, the lack of any sense of responsibility, dissolution and infantilization.

The french writer Jean Parvulesco talked about the necessity to elaborate a 'dialectic of self-overreaching by suprahistorical and nuptial means'. Of course, the political elites are today completely rotten; but, it is not a reason to prescribe a so-called real democracy, like in Switzerland for example, for the simple reason that the democratic regime can do nothing else than inevitably leading to a society where political elites are rotten. Only the renewal of the elites can be truly effectual and revolutionary. A genuine elite, structurally animated by the threefold movement described by Ibn’Arabî : creation – reaction – resorption into Unity, ready to sacrifice itself for straightening out the people and teaching them the essence of love using blows with a stick. In the end, the transcendental divinity will not save the world at all, it will judge the world.

The Kingdom of Being must be faced-off against the Empire of Not-Being. The vesperal wedding of life and death should be celebrated under the intoxication provided by the complete revival of the world. Death is not intrinsically bad, every destruction is a blessing for the equilibrium of the world when a reconstruction comes after. But the Empire of Not-Being is an exaltation of the totalitarian advent of death: death alone, without any reconstruction, namely the theological opposite of sex.

Some reactionary intellectuals think that our society is dominated by sex. They are absolutely in the wrong, since it is the image of sex, the parody of sex which is omnipresent (through advertising, paedophilia, homosexuality), in aid of death ruling everywhere. Statistically, a forty-year-old guy living in one of our western capitals makes love very occasionally, with respect to someone from the Middle Ages. Julius Evola has demonstrated that a traditional society has no problem at all with the question of sex. But today, need defeats desire.

There are still some countries whose structure somehow corresponds to the antique triple functionality, where the political power governs society in the framework of a constitution ordered by the spiritual authority: Iran, maybe Russia, some African countries like Senegal (where the elected president must prove allegiance to the mouride imam of Touba), etc. In this way, temporal power and spiritual authority are clearly distinct, as the first is the vassal of the second. Our post-modern era is a period of confusion between politics and religion. The commentators explain that this confusion reminds the dark ages of humanity, while in fact, it never happened before in all history, and on the contrary it is one of the most evident signs of the real dark age, namely the Kali Yuga! This confusion between politics and religion aims at the complete destruction of both politics and religion, all in aid of finance.

The traditional model of the relationship between power and authority has to be re-invested and amplified at the great-continental scale, by leaning on the meta-theological thoughts emanating from the revolutionary movement of Pr. Dugin as well as on the warlike experience of the eschatological alliance in Lebanon between Hezbollah and the General Aoun.

The challenge of the Aquarian era – the Age of Aquarius – is the resurrection of the funeral stone buried under the land of the Great-Continental Eurasia, the building of a yellow house where the model of life will be identical to the one of the original Atlantis, with one big difference nevertheless : we have now to interlace the principles of justified religions around a solar axe perpetually on fire. After the downfall of the Atlantean civilization, the appearance of the Neolithic era was accompanied by the invention of the King, whose role was to keep alive the societies shocked by the spreading of trade and the concomitant mixture – and disappearance – of ethnic groups. Tomorrow, in a very analogous way, after the downfall of Western civilization, the appearance of the Aquarian era will have to be accompanied by the invention of an inner circle of Priests, whose role will be to keep alive the societies shocked by the spreading of liberalism and the concomitant mixture –and disappearance – of the religions.

The keys of the Tradition will allow the pulling free of a rolled book, where is eternally written on both sides of the page the constitution of the Eurasian Kingdom of the End. This Kingdom will be blessed by the inner circle of Priests, this Cenacle of Priests, the guides of the main religions which irrigate all the Continent in the manner of burning pulmonary veins: christianity, buddhism, hinduism, hyperborean and celtic spiritualities, all of them deeply animated by a similar celestial rhythm whose dominion is the cosmic coronation of the Supreme Goddess Mother, the Blessed Virgin up in Arms, the founding Mother of the deep spirituality of the heartlands of our continent.

Some writers have studied the hyperborean origin of the indo-european religions. Let me recommend the book "Hyperborean Dacia”, published in 1936 by the Romanian diplomat Vasile Lovinescu, under the pseudonym of Geticus. Using the analytical method of René Guénon, he evokes the migration of the primordial centre from the North Pole down to the Greek Pélasges, before moving to the East. Geticus studies the deep roots of Romanian folklore, detecting the presence of Apollo and Artemis in some characters and making out the King of the World under the features of the Old Christmas, as well as the sacred geography of the country.

We have to operate a long and slow work of recovery to re-attain the earlier spaces of our racial and spiritual foundations, and the digging up of the tectonic network of our Eurasian metaphysical hub will be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. In particular, we must establish again a living and acting connexion between Celtism and Christianism, free these two archaic and anti-modern worlds from their dead outer layer in order to celebrate their heroic and regenerative marriage.

Two thousand years after the extension and the coronation of the spiritualities of the era of Aries (Yahve, Jupiter, Thor, Taranis) by the Christ, we must now fasten again the belt of Time, provoke a new ascent of Being, let reappear inside us the blazing sap of the Ancient Gods; may their burning breaths set fire to our spinal cord, and may our skin become a specific interface between the internal blaze of our vital organs and the celestial tongue of fire of the Paraclete.

The french poet André Suarès wrote, one hundred years ago: "At last, it’s a matter of being gods within God. But we have to deserve it, sorry brothers. The last word is: to remove oneself from everything”.

We must process to an internal transmutation of the Ancient Gods under the aegis of the Christ, convoke the Ancient Gods for elaborating a final eschatological army against the Western world, a military avant-garde composed of futuristico-archaic Kshatriyas: Odin berserkers, disciplined werevolves, chivalrous Banshees, all of them placed under the banner of the Church.

In actual fact, the alchemists’ Great Work, the Magnus Opus of our post-modern times consists in reactivating, prolonging and intensifying the meta-political struggle of the Templars (broken by France and the arising of the nations). They constituted a powerful link between Celtic Europe, Rome and the Near-East. The Templars were the height of the celtic Christianism. Their suprahistorical thought was centered on the struggle against modern nations, unifying brothers initiated into war and prayer, and on the establishment of a supra-national spiritual Kingdom under the aegis of the Virgin Mary.

Here are some examples of the deep presence of Celtism in the Templars.

The first nine knights took their vows in front of the patriarch Théoclètes, 67th successor of John the Evangelist. Founded in Lyon in the year 160 by Saint Irénée, the Church of John had its own rite, favoured the Paraclete, and was based on the writings of Saint Clément from Alexandria who considered both Plato and the Gospels as appearances of the Logos. The rite of the Templars was Greek and Byzantine.

The Order was established following the rules of Saint Augustine, issued from warlike conceptions, heroic and solar. The hero is much more highly considered than the martyr.

The cistercian rule which was imposed in 1128 (ten years after the creation of the Order) was inspired by saint Bernard de Clairvaux, the knight of the Virgin Mary, often described as a celtic monk, a Christian druid. The religion of the Templars was armed and militant, and merged with oriental Christianity: Maronites, Copts, some eastern gnostic groups. They bring the discovery of alchemy to Europe, after forming strong relations with Druzes, Shiite orders (Haschichin), and even Saladin.

The structure of the Order was based on the indo-european tri-functionality (Oratores: chaplains, Bellatores: knights, Laboratores: sergeants).

The entrance into the House of the Temple was governed by an initiatory ritual, in the presence of the commander and twelve members of the chapter. Twelve is the number of the Golden Age (12 precessional era, 12 stellar signs). Severed heads were introduced in certain templar rites.

Retrieving Celtism is orientating, that is, a way of finding the Orient. The matrix of eschatological Europe is Celtic, the astral and divine race of Thuata Dé-Danann. Let me remind you the existence of the Celtic Orthodox Church, founded in the year 37 by Joseph d’Arimathie (Joseph of Arimathea) in Glastonbury, a few years after his arrival in Marseilles with Mary Magdalene. Joseph made a journey from Provence to Cornwall following the other way round of the famous tin road. The Celtic Orthodox Church lost its sovereignty in the XIIIth century, and was restored in 1866 by the patriarch Pierre-Ignace IV, Metropolite of the Syrian Orthodox church. Two other similar churches also exist: the French Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church of Gauls. These three churches gathered in 2007. They are based on an occidental rite, with elements of the rite of Saint Jean Chrysostome. They worship the Christ-Pantocrator, the force of Christ into the Spirit. Some popes even affirm that Jesus visited Great Britain during His youth…

In opposition to the Germanic and Roman worlds, the spiritual prevails over politics in the celtic world. In the celtic countries which were less romanized, such as Ireland or Scotland, the spiritual elites converted to Christianity much more easily than in Gaul. The celtic churches were monastic and intellectual, monks read Plato and Plotinus. Ireland was said to be the island of saints and scholars. Some of them were influential : Scot Erigene, celtic monk of Ireland at IXth century, promoted the study of the Greek patristic with respect to the Latin patristic, at the court of Charles II (King and Emperor).

There are many common characteristics between oriental and celtic christianisms: the deep feeling about Trinity; the sense of the glory of God hidden in human beings, no scholastic cut-off between the soul and the world; the supreme role of human liberty for salvation (see Jean Cassien, who was accused of semi-pélagianism); an initiatory conception of the destiny of the soul (Epectase), illustrated by the navigation of saint Brendan (with saint Malo) up to Canada in the VIth century. The individual is not a soul prisoner inside a body, but a soul in permanent transformation who will regain its entirety at the time of the resurrection. For Orthodox Christian thought, which rejects every dualism, the world is a gift of God which will be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

For me, there is a great analogy between two relations: the relation between the primitive egalitarian community of the Golden Age and the Traditional society organized into a strict hierarchy, and the relation between orthodoxy (headless, popular) and catholicism (centralized, aristocratic). The secret of the supreme junction between orthodoxy and catholicism relies on the dogma of the coronation of the Virgin Mary allied with an intangible love of the Paraclete. And concerning Europe itself, the secret of all supreme junctions relies on the rebirth of Celtism.

Joachim de Flore: "As well as the Old Testament seems to belong to the Father, through a certain property of similarity, and to the Son the letter of the New Testament; as well the spiritual intelligence, which proceeds from both of them, belongs to the Holy Spirit. From all of this, the age when people join together by marriage was the reign of Father ; the age of the preachers is the reign of the Son; and the age of monks, ordo monachorum, the last one, should be the reign of the Holy Spirit. The first before the law [Taurus and Aries], the second under the law [Pisces], and the third with grace [Aquarius]”.

Eurasia is the resurrection of our previous civilization, the reactivation of the Sacred Institution of Palaeolithic. It is the best way to cure the trauma of the end of Atlantis, through the elitist alliance between the active and justified religions of our continent.

The Eurasian Kingdom is the Holy City prophesized by many European spiritualities. The Holy City is the victory of Unity over uniformity.

The heirs of the Templars will illuminate the Eurasian Kingdom with the brightness of the Internal Star, for definitively establishing this total Spiritual Kingdom governed by the supra-traditional universal unifying Order of Madame Sainte Mary. Men will then be able to share their meals with God, as predicted by François Rabelais at the end of his Third Book. The French writer Jean Parvulesco talked about the necessity of a revolutionary Immaculate Conception for the final realization of the transcendental Unity, and the Eurasian Kingdom of the End Times.

Laurent James © 2013
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