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Главная » 2013 » Квітень » 10 » John Howells "The Collapse of an Idol"
John Howells "The Collapse of an Idol"

The Iron Lady was aptly named, for her heart was both cold and hard, devoid of compassion and empathy, having no heartfelt connection to the people she was elected to represent, seeing herself and the rest of Britain as atomized individuals and families. For her, society does not exist. [1]

Margaret Thatcher was also an Iron false idol with feet of clay for many duped rightists in the United Kingdom who viewed her as a crypto-traditionalist. This mentality was certainly present in the ultra-Tory Monday Club and also in more moderate elements within the burgeoning National Front who believed her rhetoric of controlling immigration, which turned out to be lies with the purpose of destroying the 20, 000 strong organization.

Thatcherism as an ideology was rooted in the libertarian economic theories of Hayek, Von Mises and later Rothbard, although Rothbard was to deride Thatcher as not libertarian enough! [2] The basic premise is that government should, at the very least, butt out of economic activity and let the markets be free of interference. Many libertarians see no need for government at all, regarding it as a hindrance to economic development and a prelude to the dreaded collectivism so loathed by radical individualists.

Mrs. Thatcher once remarked "economics are the method; the object is to change the heart and soul” [3]. Such a statement could have been written by a Communist who was cynically making use of religious metaphors for propaganda purposes. In a monstrous type of reductionism, neo liberalism (or libertarianism) and Bolshevism both regard human beings as primarily economic creatures, with no meaningful connection to ancestors and traditions.

Thatcher's brutal policies in some ways reified the mythology of Marxism in that she pushed working class people into the arms of Bolsheviks and Bolshevized unions who posed, as always, as the vanguard and saviours of the proletariat.

The left at the time of the miners' strike were equally as disgusting as the Thatcherite neo liberals and presented no real political alternative to the striking miners other than Bolshevism. Unions were riddled with militant Reds who propagandised their membership to believe that conservatism was synonymous with the destruction of their livelihoods through out-sourcing. The National Front was argued to be the street army of the Thatcherites: useful idiots who were deployed as shock troops to crush working class solidarity.

Since her passing yesterday, the usual odious suspects of today's left have grotesquely celebrated with looting, rioting and smashing of property. Reeking deadlocked drongoes joined with rootless bourgeois hipsters, black block anarchists and various non-Europeans in outrageous public revelries in London, Glasgow and Bristol. In the ethnically "enriched" area of Brixton, police were attacked by hideous mobs, many of whom are too young to remember the Thatcher era. A Barnardo's charity shop (hardly a outpost of ultra capitalism) was attacked with projectiles. [4] But it is not just cosmopolitans and outcast scum who rejoice in Mrs. Thatcher's demise, the hatred for this woman still is palpable in the Welsh valleys and other working class areas among men of the generation affected by her governance. It is this loathing and the association of her with the right which is a major factor in stopping the electoral success of true conservative movements.

Rightists and conservatives would do well to discard the catastrophic legacy of Margaret Thatcher along with all of the libertarian ideology she so destructively advocated. Authentic conservatism reconciles what Marxists call class division on the basis of ethnic and cultural unity, each caste has an integral part in a vertical imperium. The nation is not the state, nor is it an abstract and arbitrary arrangement for economic purposes, it is the sum total of the metaphysics, aesthetics and folk customs of a particular ethnos. Society does exist, conservatism is social.


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