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White Britons: Minority Status?
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By 2050 as many as 1 in 5 of the UK population will be from an ethnic minority! This compares
with 1 in 10 in 2000.

An official government publication states: “BME groups now account for 73% of the UK’s total population growth, due to differences in fertility rates and some inward migration.”

Muslim women have a far higher fertility rate than any other religious grouping.

On an ethnicity basis, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women aged 25–29 have almost double the fertility rate of white British women in the same age group.

In some age groups and areas of our own country, we are already a minority. It’s heartbreaking to see our Britain changing beyond recognition before our very eyes.

Let’s look at two boroughs in our Capital City – Lambeth and Newham.

Lambeth Council report that:

“The vast majority (over 73%) of Lambeth’s school population are from black and other ethnic minority groups. The largest groups are English/Scottish/Welsh at 23.6%, followed by Caribbean at 22.8%, African at 22.1%, Other Black at 11%, Other White at 7.2%, Portuguese at 4.6%, Bangladeshi at 1.8%, Indian at 1.5%, Pakistani at 1.3%, Irish at 1.3%, Chinese at 1%, Vietnamese at 0.8%, Turkish at 0.6% and Greek at 0.6%.”

In Newham, 2010 saw 76.4% of newborns born to foreign women. That’s over three quarters. Overall, a quarter of births (25.1%) in 2010 were to mothers born outside the UK.

These changes in our population are a matter for legitimate concern! Shouldn’t there be a full and open debate about changes in the very make-up of who inhabits this land? Don’t we have the right to talk openly about how this is going to affect our identity, culture and way of life?

The British National Party think so.


We should be able to speak about this issue without being attacked and demonised. It is the issue of the time and demonstrates just how out of touch the old political parties are.

Our tiny island is already overcrowded, and immigration is stretching our health service and welfare system. High birth rates amongst certain ethnic and religious groups will totally transform the nature of our country.

Securing a future for our children

The British National Party discusses and deals with issues which the old parties try to hide and refuse to confront. We inform people of the facts and we make sure that the political establishment cannot get away with their destruction of our country. We hold the old party politicians to account!

That’s why the Political Class hate us. They know the facts and cannot justify them in debate. They make a living from toeing the line and will do anything to stop themselves being held accountable for their destruction of our country.

Do you think identity is important for people? Do you think the British people have a right to their own nation? Do you think it's right that you give your children and grandchildren a safe and secure British nation of their own?

The British National Party do!

If you care too, you should join the British National Party. Become part of a modern movement dedicated to putting things right and preserving this great nation. Together we can turn Britain around!

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin MEP
British National Party Leader
Форум » International Cooperation (Section for English speakers) » European Cooperation » White Britons: Minority Status?
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